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28 December 09

CCIE R&S Version 4 Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting

Posted byINE

We know that the Version 4.X CCIE R&S exam features 3 sections - Core Knowledge, Troubleshooting, and Configuration. I notice that many students are forgetting where Cisco might choose to test your Catalyst switch troubleshooting skills and exactly how they might do that...

The only two places in the current exam format where they can test you on this subject are the Core Knowledge and Configuration sections. Notice - NOT the Troubleshooting section.

Remember, the only devices that will be present in your Troubleshooting section are routers (at least until we warn you otherwise). This means, any issues on the Catalyst switches, or caused by the Catalyst switches, will be present in the Configuration section.

So does this mean that most candidates will see a section in the Configuration area that states: 3560 Troubleshooting (4 points)? Well, while this is a possibility, Cisco loves to be a bit creative at times, and they could certainly build in issues to the underlying Layer 2 infrastructure that will rear their head when you are working on Layer 3!

I certainly hope this brief reminder on Version 4 exam strategy helps you!

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