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19 December 09

The INE Online Community Thanks - Joni Oksanen

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INE wants to thank another incredible member of our IEOC! Joni Oksanen (screenname - Jent). Joni is currently enjoying a free subscription to the brand new CCIE Service Provider Core Knowledge Simulation. When you read Joni's story below, I am sure you can determine why he chose that gift!


Joni Oksanen studied at the Helsinki University of Technology, having networking as his major. He completed his studies in four years, although, he was already involved with work life during his entire time in school. He began working in the helpdesk of a largest Finnish ISP, Elisa, and spent almost three years there supporting business customers.

When Joni had approximately half of his studies behind him, he switched to a small ISP to work as a network technician responsible for the DSL-based access network and the IP-based core network. After worked there for a year, he was offered a position in a large global company called Capgemini. He did not hesitate for long in his decision to join their network team. He began as a network engineer, but after a year his capabilities as a network architect were recognized and he was moved to the arhitecture team where he is still working today!

After being employed by Capgemini, he began his pursuit of many certifications. During this 2.5 year period with Capgemini, he completed CCNA, CCNP, CCIP, CCDP, CEFFS, JNCIA/S-ER, JNCIA/S-SSL and the JNCIA/S-FWV certifications. In January, 2008 he passed his CCIE SP written exam and he has been working to obtain his CCIE SP ever since. Joni strongly believes that INE's material will assist him to meet his objectives in the very near future.

Joni Oksanen - thank you from all of us here at INE and the IEOC for being such a valued member of our team!

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