IEWB-RS Updates: Just as ...
    12 December 09

    IEWB-RS Updates: Just as Planned!

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know of our product development progress – new IEWB-RS VOL1 labs (technology-focused scenarios) have been posted to all subscribed member’s accounts. The list of the new topics is as follows:


    Frame-Relay Switching

    System Management:

    EEM Scripting: Interface Event
    EEM Scripting: Syslog Events
    EEM Scripting: CLI Events
    EEM Scripting: Periodic Scheduling
    EEM Scripting: Advanced Features

    Briding & Switching:

    PPP AAA Authentication


    EIGRPv6 Summarization
    EIGRPv6 Prefix Filtering
    EIGRPv6 Metric Manipulation
    EIGRPv6 Default Routing
    IPv6 PIM and MLD
    IPv6 PIM BSR
    IPv6 Embedded RP
    IPv6 SSM

    Like I mentioned before, ten IEWB-RS VOL2 scenarios have been updated as well, to reflect the changes in the Configuration section of the new CCIE R&S exam. You will now have to work through more IP Services tasks and bulky IGP/BGP scenarios. We’re constantly working on optimizing our products based on the feedback our students give us. Next on our TODO list – more Dynamips labs and the final set of VOL4 scenarios. As for the people waiting for the SP Core Knowledge Simulator – it’s coming live next week, we haven’t forgotten it!

    Happy studying and thanks for choosing INE!

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