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18 November 09

New CCIE R/S Core Knowledge Questions Part 5

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The new and improved Core Knowledge Simulation will be released in December 2009! Here are some more new questions you will find in the database.

1.00    Implement Layer 2 Technologies
You configured your switch (SWA) with the command spanning-tree vlan 26 root primary and you have confirmed the switch is the root bridge for VLAN 26. Later, another switch is introduced (SWB) that has a priority value for VLAN 26 set at 8192. What happens to the root bridge?

2.50    Implement IPv4 Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
What type of EIGRP route from the topology table can be used for load balancing through the use of the variance command?

2.60    Implement IPv4 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
Which open standard BGP attribute is used first in the BGP Best Path selection algorithm?

5.00    Implement IP Multicast
What device is used to dynamically announce the RP address to all routers in a PIM version 1 environment?

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