Security- Volume 1, v5 up ...
    12 November 09

    Security- Volume 1, v5 update.

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    Change is in the air. I've noticed that over the last several weeks, we've had at least five security CCIE candidates pass who used INE's security products as part of their study plan. What these students have done is use a combination of our version 3 and version 5 products. Congratulations to all those who passed!

    The rumor on the street is, that "IF" there were issues in the past with Cisco’s security lab, whether they were Java issues, or wording issues, etc. it seems that well-prepared candidates can now, based on results, pass this exam.  Better yet, with the update of our Vol 1 products, studying will be easier than ever.

    As Brian mentioned, the roll-out of our updated volume 1 products is underway. Marvin and I would like to thank a handful of beta testers, who have done an outstanding job testing a few of our latest modules. Thank you very much for your assistance!

    So you might ask, what's new and exciting about the updates for security volume 1? I'm glad you asked!

    Each of the new modules in volume 1 matches up identically with the sections from the current blueprint from Cisco. This means if you just want to focus on VPN technology, you can go to section 3 and have the entire VPN section to work with.  The same is true for ASA (module 1), IOS firewall (module 2) and the rest of the sections.

    The ASA module is now complete and will be posted to the member’s area this afternoon, along with the startup configuration files for all of the individual racks.  The IOS firewall module, which I know sounds like a piece of hardware, (forgive my chuckle), is finishing beta testing today and will be posted in the members area shortly. As the other modules complete beta testing they will be posted to the members area, and will begin shipping the week of November 23.

    Thank you, and good luck with your studies.

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