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    29 October 09

    Security Updates, Security Updates. My kingdom for a security update.

    Posted byINE

    We have had lots of interest in the Security Track updates.  Here are a few of the details:

    • Security Volume 2, v5 labs 6-10 are updated and  posted to the members area on Oct 15.   They include all the asked for content, including LDAP, transparent Zone Based Firewalls, VRF aware IPSec, etc.  We know you will love them.  If you can’t wait for a hard copy, download the labs from your member area, print the lab tasks, and then use the solutions guide on your computer as a .pdf

    • Security Volume 1, v5 that currently has sections named VPN, ASA and HotFix , are having plastic surgery.   We are dividing up the content so that there will be 8 sections, matching the 8 sections of the blueprint.   At the same time, we are updating portions of the sections to keep pace with the challenges of the lab.  We are looking for a couple of individuals who may be interested in doing a final beta test before we publish them (in exchange for some great practice and some rack tokens).   If interested, email directly.
    • Last but not least, I continue to develop the new Security Audio Bootcamp.   Based on early feedback from individuals who have listened to it in its beta format (I know, I should have used VHS or DVD), it is going to be a huge asset to students working towards a CCIE in Security.   You can listen to a sample on Itunes.

    Thank you for your business, and best wishes to you and your CCIE goals.

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