Congratulations to INE's ...
    27 September 09

    Congratulations to INE's Latest Success Stories!

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hi Everyone,

    we've got a fresh list of the folks (eigth people) who got their numbers last week! Here we go, hope their stories are inspiring!

    • Mihai Grigore CCIE# 25510 (R&S)
    • Daniel Koto CCIE# 25514 (R&S)
    • Jon Harald Bovre CCIE #25493 (Service Provider)
    • Rodolfo Beltran CCIE #25482 (R&S)
    • Mohamed El Henawy CCIE #25453 (R&S)
    • Chris Gray CCIE# 25527 (R&S)
    • Naga Sayeenathan CCIE# 25532 (R&S)
    • Prasanna Ramachandran CCIE# 25551 (Service Provider)

    I just wanted to let you know that I got my CCIE R&S number yesterday in Brussels. My number is 25510. I started in early 2007 with the INE workbooks, complete set. At that time, it was still version 4.0. In the meantime version 5 came out. I also used a lot of rack time from INE in 12 hours sessions that started at 6:00AM until 17:30 local time due to the time zone difference. Then we moved to our own rack in the company premises and allowed me to work on it anytime and from anywhere, whenever I had time for this. I stopped counting how many weekends, vacation days I spent on this rack using the INE workbooks.

    The last 6 weeks for me were doing the INE R&S WB Volume1 version 5. This is a great source of information, very well written, with lots of details. I cannot recommend it strongly enough! Peter's 400 pages QoS section (but not only) is simply amazing. I must say that all INE materials that I worked with is simply awesome!!!

    I would like to thank INE for their products and great instructors. And I am glad to see that the team is growing with new expert names. Brians were great to listen on the CoD. I had to listen CoD 3 times in order to get ALL the details they talk about. Especially Scott, you were simply great during the boot camp last November in Reno!! Anthony was also special !!

    All this helped me during my preparation.

    Thank you again and all the best for you guys !

    Best regards,

    Mihai Grigore CCIE# 25510 (R&S)


    I passed my CCIE Routing and Switching on 23rd of Sep 2009. Thanks for your awesome Dynamips workbooks that give me deep understanding
    of the exam technologies.

    Daniel Koto CCIE# 25514 (R&S)


    Thanks a lot for the support and great materials and all the tips you put and all the information you put for free on your blog.

    Mohamed El Henawy CCIE #25453 (R&S)


    Thanks for the great training material it was the key for me in passing the lab

    Chris Gray CCIE# 25527 (R&S)


    I have passed the CCIE R&S Lab on 24th of Sep 2009 and would like to thank the folks at INE. I started with the 10-day COD and Vol1 & Vol2 workbooks and attended the Mock lab workshop a week prior to my exam. The Vol1 workbook scenarios were good and reflected all the sections in the cisco's official blueprint. Mock lab workshop helped me to develop my configuration speed, identify my weaknesses and build my confidence.
    I would recommend INE to everybody who would like to achieve their CCIE certification.

    Naga Sayeenathan CCIE# 25532 (R&S)


    hi Scott and Team,

    I cleared the CCIE SP lab in SJC on Friday Sep 25th. I will post my
    best practices in the SP general forum for the benefit of the larger
    team. I used Internetwork experts work books, but the real thing for
    me was the bootcamp, which just zoomed up my intensity level. Thanks
    for doing a great job on that and keeping it fun.

    With 9 years of experience in the service provider arena, I think
    this complements my resume real well.

    Prasanna Ramachandran CCIE #25551

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