CCIE R&S Product Updates
    25 September 09

    CCIE R&S Product Updates

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hello Everyone!

    For those of you preparing for the updated CCIE R&S exam - half of our Full-Scale Labs workbook (10 labs) have been fully updated to match the requirements of the new, CCIE R&S v4.0 blueprint. The full-scale scenarios have been significantly changed and a lot of new tasks added. You will find such exciting topics as MPLS VPN, Zone Based Firewall, EEM, and many others. Like mentioned in previous posts, the new labs do not include the basic configuration requirements, but rather ask you to deal with advanced scenarios, having a lot of things already pre-configured. The remaining ten full-scale labs we expect to complete in October. Of course, every existing owner of VOL2 gets these updates absolutely FREE!

    Now for those of you who want more advanced technology mini-scenarios: we posted the initial version of the new MPLS VPN section for our IEWB-RS VOL1 workbook. It includes the initial 7 minilabs out of the following list of the labs for the new section:

    • VRF Lite
    • MPLS LDP
    • MPLS Label Filtering
    • MP-BGP VPNv4
    • MP-BGP Prefix Filtering
    • PE-CE Routing with RIP
    • PE-CE Routing with OSPF
    • OSPF Sham-Link
    • PE-CE Routing with EIGRP
    • EIGRP SOO and Cost Community
    • PE-CE Routing with BGP
    • BGP SOO
    • BGP AS Override
    • Internet Access
    • Central Services VPN
    • Extranets
    • MPLS VPN Performance Tuning

    This particular section should be completed next week, followed by part of our Security mini-scenarios to cover the new security-relevant topics of the updated CCIE R&S blueprint. And not only this, more updates to VOL4 are coming next week as well!

    Thanks for choosing INE, and happy studying!

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