Updated Dynamips, Dynagen ...
23 September 09

Updated Dynamips, Dynagen, and GNS3 Topology

Posted byBrian McGahan

As Petr mentioned the other day, we have updated our .net file mappings to correspond with the new blueprint update for CCIE R&S v4.  Please refer to his previous post here.

If you are new to dynamips, view the tutorial Using Dynamips for CCIE Lab Preparation on a PC (How To Run Cisco IOS On Your PC)

The updated .net files can be downloaded here.  Like the previous version, the BackBone router configs are included and should automatically load when you run the .net files.

The major changes are as follows:

  • Separate .net files for Dynagen and GNS3
  • Platforms upgraded to all 3725s
  • Interface numbering now matches more closely on R1 - R6
  • Minor performance enhancements

These files were written with MacOS in mind, but can be easily modified to run on Windows and/or Linux.  From my personal experience it is very unlikely that you will get the entire topology to boot on Windows without a massive amount of hardware to back it up.

Happy Labbing!

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