Congratulations to INE’s ...
18 September 09

Congratulations to INE’s Latest CCIE Success Stories!

Posted byPetr Lapukhov

The entire team here at INE expresses sincere congratulations to some of our passing students that have contacted us! Here is just a small excerpt from the list of candidates that passed last week:

  • Jean-Marc Mazzoni, CCIE# 18851 (R&S, Security)
  • Naveen Sreeramachandra, CCIE# 25432 (R&S)
  • Atul K Dalvi CCIE #23155 (R&S, Security)
  • Bobby Acker CCIE# 19310 (R&S, Security)
  • Dmitriy Litvinko CCIE# 25150 (R&S)
  • David Penney CCIE# 25269 (R&S)
  • Andrey Golovanov CCIE# 25335 (SP)
  • Anas Marza CCIE#25380 (R&S)
  • Bill Graham CCIE# 7258 (R&S, SP)
  • Joe Flanagan CCIE #25439 (R&S)

Just cleared the Security track. I used IE v2 and v3 workbooks and class on-demand. The IE tool I used the most was V5 WB I. For the rest: practice (and again...), study group, Cisco site, Cisco Press.

Thank you,

Jean-Marc Mazzoni
CCIE# 18851 (Security, Routing & Switching)

I wanted to thank INE team for bringing up good CCIE prep material like v5.0 workbooks. They really helped solidify all the concepts covered in Blueprint and more. Special thanks to Mr.Marvin GreenLee who conducted the Bootcamp in SanJose. It helped me during me last leg of this journey.

Naveen Sreeramachandra
CCIE# 25432 (Routing & Switching)

I passed my CCIE-Security Lab on 15th September 2009. Your workbook is the best I have seen on the market. The solutions, forum responses, and customer service are excellent.

Atul K Dalvi
CCIE #23155 (Routing & Switching, Security)

With the help of Internetwork Expert's bootcamp and workbook products, I passed the CCIE Security Exam! A special thanks to Marvin, Brian, and Scott for providing great products and a test taking structure that led to success!

Bobby Acker
CCIE# 19310 (Routing & Switching, Security)

With the help of Internetwork Expert I finally passed the CCIE R&S exam. The material in the lab workbooks prepared me like nothing else out there. Thanks Internetwork Expert!

David Penney
CCIE #25269 (Routing & Switching)

Passed CCIE SP from first attempt. Preparation took about 3 weeks: week 1 SP BootCamp (Online), week 2&3 Lab Workbook II. I would like to thank everyone in IE and (especially Brian Dennis, Scott Morris and Petr Lapukhov) for the great learning materials! You're doing great job! Thank you!

Best regards,

Andrey Golovanov
CCIE# 25335 (Service Provider)

I passed my CCIE Routing and Switching on 10th of Sep 2009. Thanks for your awesome workbooks that give me deep understanding of the exam technologies.

Anas Marza
CCIE#25380 (Routing & Switching)

With the help of Internetwork Expert, I completed the CCIE Service Provider track last week. I earned my first CCIE certification eight long years ago. Back then, resources to help CCIE candidates were very limited. Using the full array of products from Internetwork Expert has proven to be a dramatically improved experience. This was my fourth lab-based certification and IE helped make this one the most enjoyable.

I highly recommend every component of their program. I started out buying one piece at a time and ended up purchasing every product they offered for my track. Brian McGahan's SP Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand is top notch. Scott Morris led our 5 day Mock Lab bootcamp and his guidance was extremely helpful. The Boot Camp was a last minute decision for me and it ended up being a critical component of the process. Scott and Brian are truly the best of the best.

Don't underestimate how much rack rental time you'll need to complete the workbooks. I started with a plan to do everything via Dynamips but later conceded that rack rentals are a far better use of my time.

Thanks Internetwork Expert!

Bill Graham
CCIE# 7258 ( Routing & Switching, Service Provider)

I passed my CCIE R&S lab this past week. When I first started, I had no idea what I was in for. I took my fist attempt and realized I was in no way prepared. I purchased a number of training packages from IE including the CCIE 2.0 Program and this was the key. The program is great, and I would recommend it to anyone !

Everybody at IE, and Graded Labs is so helpful, from sales to the instructors. I specifically want to thank Bradley Dennis from graded labs, Brian McGahan with the 2.0 program. And finally Anthony Sequeira, who was instrumental in helping me right up to lab day. Anthony was always available, via email, text , and phone. He always answered my questions, and if he did not have the answer , he made sure we found it.

Thanks guys!!!

Joe Flanagan
CCIE#25439 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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