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    08 September 09

    New CCIE R/S Core Knowledge Questions Part 1

    Posted byINE

    The following questions will be added to the Core Knowledge Simulation once the new version/engine is complete. Enjoy! Answers will be provided in the comments section.

    2.40 Implement IPv4 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

    What LSA Types are impacted by the command clear ip ospf redistribution and where should you run this command?

    3.50 Implement OSPF version 3 (OSPFv3)

    What is the purpose of the LSA Type 8 in OSPF for IPv6?

    6.10 Implement 802.1x

    What IEEE 802.1x keyword is used to with the dot1x port-control interface configuration command in order to enable IEEE 802.1x authentication and cause the port to begin in the unauthorized state, allowing only EAPOL frames to be sent and received through the port?

    7.40 Implement Network Time Protocol (NTP)

    What is the stratum in NTP?

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