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    12 August 09

    Investment Protection Program Clarification

    Posted byINE

    Well after today it looks like a few people are confused as to what the Investment Protection Program (IPP) is designed to do.  The IPP is designed to ensure you are covered in the event the product you purchased is ever updated.  This is something I've always felt strongly about and is why we were the first to offer a protection program.  For some reason a few people have made the assumption that the IPP covers you for any new products introduced in the same CCIE track your original product is in.  This of course isn't the case.

    Today's confusion is in regards to the new Audio Bootcamp ($595).  A few previous customers who purchased the Audio Technologies Class ($99) wanted to use the IPP to get the new Audio Bootcamp but these are two entirely different products that target different parts of a candidate’s preparation.  The only similarity is that they are both for the R&S track and both are audio products but the similarities end there.  The old Audio Technologies Class was aligned with the Advanced Technologies Class just like the new Audio Bootcamp is aligned with the 12-Day Bootcamp we offer.  You can't listen to both of these and say the Audio Bootcamp that Scott Morris has done is just an updated version of the Audio Technologies Class that Brian McGahan did.

    A good analogy would be if someone attended the 5 Day Advanced Technologies Class when it was our only class offering, you wouldn't expect them to get a free seat in our 12 Day Bootcamp when we started teaching it under the Investment Protection Program (IPP) would you?

    The IPP does exactly what it says.  You buy a product.  The product is updated.  You get the updated product.  BUT the IPP is not you buy a product.  A new and different product is released.  You get the new and different product. The IPP covers you for your existing products and classes but doesn't somehow grandfather you into any new products or new classes.

    Although the Audio Technologies Class hasn't been sold by INE for over a year I've instructed the sales team to credit anyone who purchased the Audio Technologies Class the full amount they paid for it so they can apply the credit towards the purchase of the new Audio Bootcamp.

    Lastly after talking with a few customers by phone and email today I came to the realization that some people want a new type of program.  Look at the current IPP as a "vertical" protection model in that it covers the updates for the life of the product.  What I think some people are wanting is more of a "horizontal" protection model in that they get access to "all" products in a given track but only for a certain timeframe (say 1 or 2 years).  In this new horizontal model you would be grandfathered in for any new products or even classes in a given track.

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