INE Product Updates
    28 June 09

    INE Product Updates

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hi everyone,

    been quiet for a while, had to travel a lot last week. We have posted the updates to the IEWB-SC VOL1 “Hotfix” section:

    IOS CA
    IPS VLAN Groups and Virtual Sensor
    IPS Event Summarization
    IPS Event Processing
    IPS Blocking and Rate-Limiting
    IPS Application Inspection and Control
    IPS META Engine
    IPS Anomaly Detection

    and to IEWB-VO VOL1

    SIP Phone Endpoints
    Basic User Configuration
    CUCM OS Users
    Softkey Templates
    Phone Button Templates
    Common Phone Profile
    Directory Number/Line Configuration
    Calling Search Spaces
    Gateway - MGCP T1 PRI
    Gateway - H.323
    T1 CAS
    Route Groups
    Route Lists
    Route Patterns
    Local Route Group

    As for R&S, we're currently working on the new addition to VOL1, which outlines the troubleshooting process in general, defines strategies and provides troubleshooting examples. This is to be released the next month. In addition to that, we’re preparing separate troubleshooting labs to be delivered in addition to VOL2 scenarios. Those will use separate topologies and will use a trouble-ticket pool that we develop. As for technology updates, we’re hindering that a bit and giving more priority to the troubleshooting scenarios. Personally I believe that adding troubleshooting to the CCIE R&S lab is the most important change, as it affects the whole lab strategy

    There were people asking for our new R&S rack topology. We delayed that announce, because the one we’re currently working with would probably be expensive for many people using their own racks. We’re looking for a ways to implement our workbooks on a hybrid, less expensive topology. But if you want to know what being used now – it’s 5x1841s for R1, R2, R4, R5 and R6 and one 2811 for R3. All cabling connections and switches remain unchanged. If you would pick up that topology, you wont miss anything (well maybe some money); but if you’re trying to minimize the upgrade expenses, we’ll do our best to make that possible.

    Happy studying!

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