More Product Updates!
    16 June 09

    More Product Updates!

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hi Everyone,

    just to keep you posted. We have another bunch of updates uploaded to our memebers area.

    For R&S, there are two new IEWB-RS VOL2 labs (Lab11 & Lab12). Those two are basically re-worked versions of older VOL2 labs, better balanced and formatted to match the blueprint. For SC, there is new IEWB-SC VOL2 Lab4 (full-scale) packed with new features for you guys that need more challenge. In addition to that, there are new labs posted under IEWB-SC VOL1 "Hotfix" sections. Here is the full list of the labs currently in this section:

    ASA Redundant Interface
    ASA Enhanced Object Groups
    Flexible Packet Matching
    Zone Based Firewall
    ZFW Rate Limiting
    ZFW Application Inspection
    Control Plane Protection (CPPr)
    Remote Session Authentication using TACACS+
    Exec Authorization using TACACS+
    IOS Local Command Authorization
    IOS Remote Command Authorization
    Using RADIUS for Session Control
    Classic IOS Transparent Firewall
    ZFW-Based IOS Transparent Firewall
    IOS IP Virtual Reassembly
    IOS ACL Selection IP Option Drop

    As for the Voice track, there is a fresh pack of new IEWB-VO VOL1 labs as well! See list of the new VOL1 labs below:

    CUCM Navigation and GUI Interface
    CUCM CLI Interface
    Communications Manager Initialization
    Verifying Database Replication
    Date/Time Groups
    Phone Auto Registration
    SIP Phone Endpoints

    Happy labbing!

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