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    10 June 09

    Cumulative Product Updates

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hi everybody,

    Real quick, a short overview of our recent updates


    new "Hotfix" section posted to VOL1 v5.0 area. This new section is designed to cover the recent addition to CCIE SC blueprint. So far it’s just about 50 pages, but we’re going to update it constantly until we cover all “hot” topics. Check it out for some new ASA features, IOS FPM, ZFW and CPPr.

    VOL2 Lab3 has been released with updated solutions. Lab4 should be coming out this weekend as well.

    Routing & Switching:

    Look into your VOL2 v5.0 area to see updated Labs 8 and 9 added there. We’re going to post additional four labs this week and then switch back to releasing the updates for CCIE RS v4.0 track.


    New addition to VOL1 labs of IEWB-VO. Here is the updated list of the new labs:

    CUCME Basic Configuration
    Phone Registration & Number Assignment (SCCP Phones)
    SIP Phones
    IOS Call Routing
    Voice Translation Rules
    Shared Line
    Night Service
    After-Hours Setup
    Single Number Reach
    Softkey Customization - SCCP
    Softkey Customization - SIP Octo-Line Conference
    Resources Transcoding
    Resources B-ACD
    Voice Hunt Groups
    Ephone Hunt groups
    Dynamic Hunt groups
    Feature Access Codes
    Call Park
    Call Pickup
    Music On Hold
    Speed Dials
    Directory Services
    Cisco Unity Express - Enabling the AIM-CUE
    Cisco Unity Express - Initialization
    Cisco Unity Express - Integration with CME
    Cisco Unity Express - Phone Voicemail Options
    Cisco Unity Express - Advanced Features
    Cisco Unity Express - Auto Attendant
    Cisco Unity Express - Live Record
    Cisco Unity Express - Live Reply

    The new CCM labs are coming shortly after this update, with the possible addition of detailed QoS labs for the new router/switch platforms.

    Oh, and I’m personally trying to get a technical blog post out this week as well. Hard to get all the things done together! :)

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