Don’t Forget Your Core Kn ...
    29 April 09

    Don’t Forget Your Core Knowledge!

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    No matter what your opinion is on the new Core Knowledge section of the Route/Switch CCIE Lab Exam, everyone agrees that it is a section that we cannot take lightly. After all, miss 2 out of 4 questions because you did not read closely enough or you misinterpreted a phrasing, and your entire exam day just got a lot worse. 

    While all of our Route/Switch products here at Internetwork Expert can help to varying degrees with the Core Knowledge section, there are two products we developed that help tackle this section head on. The first, and most obvious, is the Core Knowledge Simulation product. This product features a 4,20, or 40 random question quiz option, and an Answer Key option that provides critical More Information links for all questions. This product links to the documents that Cisco loves to compose questions from. If you would like to test drive the 4 question random quiz option, simply click here.

    Another product that addresses Core Knowledge prep head on is the brand new CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp. This product allows students to review the very core concepts that makeup this section. EVERY lesson of the course contains Core Knowledge question practice. These sample Core Knowledge questions are not duplicated in any other course materials. To test drive this product, click here.

    As always, enjoy your studies, and please, don't forget your Core Knowledge!

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