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    12 March 09

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding the CCIE R/S Core Knowledge Simulation

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    Question: What is the recommended way to use the product?
    Answer: We recommend at the very least doing a four-question simulation each day during your studies. The simulation should quickly pinpoint your weak areas that require additional reading/study.

    Question: How many total questions are there?
    Answer: We are adding questions every day initially, and then we will add to the database at least every week. We will always offer a method to view all questions no matter how big the database becomes.

    Question: The engine graded me wrong for typing the required phrase slightly different. Will it be like this in the actual exam?
    Answer: Our engine looks for exact phrases. In the actual Core Knowledge section, a proctor will grade your questions manually so do not let this be a concern. Cisco also announced that spelling and grammar will not count against you. In our simulation, always review the grading to ensure you were indeed correct or incorrect. For convenience in grading, always be as brief as possible with your response. For example, enter "24 bits" instead of a phrase like "the prefix will be 24 bits in length."

    Question: I cannot change my answer after I click Submit and go Back. Is that how it is in the actual lab exam?
    Answer: No, in the actual exam you can go back and change answers. We will work on modifying our engine if we can to support in this future revisions.

    Question: The simulations (4 question and 20 question) seem to take a long time to load initially? Is this normal?
    Answer: Yes, the simulation will load almost instantly, and then the question engine takes from 15 seconds to 1 minute to randomly create your question pool.

    Question: Are these questions like the actual questions we will face?
    Answer: Just like all of our training materials - overall - we tend to make our simulations a bit more difficult than the real thing. Yes, we observed samples distributed by Cisco as we generated these questions.

    Question: What other details about the Core Knowledge section of the actual lab exam can Internetwork Expert share with me?
    Answer: Here is a list of facts about this new section:

    • You must complete this portion of the exam before you start the traditional configuration portion.
    • You have a total of 30 minutes to complete this section, you may finish early if you like and immediately begin your configuration section.
    • You will receive 4 questions via the computer and you must provide short answers using the computer interface. The questions are not oral in nature. Typical responses require 4 to 5 words at most.
    • Spelling and/or grammar does not count against you.
    • The questions are manually graded by a proctor. If you purchase an exam re-read, they will re-grade your question responses.
    • You may not return to the short answer questions once you have begun the configuration portion of the lab exam.
    • You will not receive a score when you complete this section, but you must pass this portion to pass the CCIE. You will receive your score in the open-ended section if you fail the exam. The score is reported as 0% or 100% (pass or fail). You may only miss one question in the section in order to pass.
    • Most students finish the 4 to 5 questions in approximately 12 minutes.
    • The configuration portion of the exam has been reduced to accommodate this initial 30 minutes.
    • You still have a total of 8 hours that makeup the open-ended questions and the configuration portion.
    • You may not access the DOC-CD to answer these questions.

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