Good news, everyone!
    11 March 09

    Good news, everyone!

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    In addition to releasing the new core knowledge simulation product, we've posted an update to IEWB-VO VOL1 (voice technology-focused labs). The updated content features screenshots for *all* GUI-related solutions (CCM, Unity, IPCCX etc). Due to this, the size of the workbook has grown considerably. And because of that, all customers now have the option to either download the workbook material as one large file, or by parts.

    Of course, there are news for non-Voice students too!

    1) For CCIE Security: The first Security VOL1 update is scheduled to be released by the end of March. You should expect to see Security VOL1 labs delivered in the format similar to our RS VOL1 V5.0 products - with challenging scenarios and thorough breakdowns (hey... anyone went through the *whole* RS VOL1 v5.0 QoS section?! ;)). As for SC VOL2, it should follow VOL1 shortly, with updates starting around 2nd week of April.

    2) For CCIE R&S (most people's favorite) We plan to release a part of RS VOL2 v5.0 labs (first 10 full-scale labs) pretty soon, in about a week or so (as they're mostly finished by now). We're also working on getting the remaining technology labs for IEWB-RS VOL1 (Multicast and BGP sections) done as well, and those should be expected late March/early April.

    Happy studying!

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