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    11 February 09

    Security Section of IEWB-RS Vol 1 Ver 5 Now Available!

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    The Security section of Internetwork Expert’s CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5.0 is completed and available on the members site. As of now the fully completed and posted sections are Bridging & Switching, Frame Relay, IP Routing, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, QoS, Security, System Management, and IP Services. BGP, Multicast, and IPv6 remain, and will be incrementally posted next.

    The final release of the Security section contains around 35 lab scenarios in approximately 150 pages. The final release consists of the following sections:

    • AAA Authentication Lists
    • AAA Exec Authorization
    • AAA Local Command Authorization
    • Traffic Filtering with Standard Access-Lists
    • Traffic Filtering with Extended Access-List
    • Traffic Filtering with Reflexive Access-Lists
    • Filtering Fragmented Packets
    • Access Control with Dynamic Access-Lists
    • Traffic Filtering with Time-Based Access-Lists
    • Traffic Filtering with Policy-Based Routing
    • Preventing Spoofing with uRPF
    • Using NBAR for Content-Based Filtering
    • TCP Intercept
    • TCP Intercept Watch Mode
    • Packet Logging with Access-Lists
    • Stateful Filtering with CBAC
    • Advanced CBAC Features
    • CBAC TCP/UDP Intercept Feature
    • VLAN Filters for IP Traffic
    • VLAN Filters for Non-IP Traffic
    • Port Security
    • HSRP and Port-Security
    • DHCP Snooping
    • DHCP Snooping and the Information Option
    • Dynamic ARP Inspection
    • IP Source Guard
    • Using Catalyst Ingress Access-Lists
    • Controlling Terminal Line Access
    • IOS Login Enhancements
    • Role Based CLI
    • IP Source Tracker
    • Router IP Traffic Export
    • Controlling the ICMP Messages Rate
    • Control Plane Policing

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