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26 January 09

Questions About Anything Cisco? Meet the IEOC! (Tips for Posting)

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Our blog site continues to skyrocket in viewers and active participants. Thank you so much for supporting this site and reading and commenting on what we have to say. We love to teach and WRITE, and without your support, the blog WRITING part would certainly be wasted. ☺

One of the things I keep noticing about our blog is Cisco questions pretty unrelated to a particular blog in the comments for a certain post. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers about a powerful resource on our site for any questions you might have. It is our Online Community at

Be sure to register there free and post your questions for a large audience to answer. You will find the forums are organized by product as well as technology, so you can be sure to target your question to the proper area. Here are some tips for posting:

1) Post in the Correct Forum - for example, if you are stuck in a practice lab of ours, be sure to post in the forum for that particular workbook or mock lab.

2) Title your Post Right - be as descriptive as possible in the title. For example, if you are in a workbook and you are stuck on a command for task 3.1, go beyond a title of just "Stuck in 3.1", say "Task 3.1 - Why the Nonegotiate Command?" Another fun technique is to really catch attention with a title like "Task 3.1 - Should I negotiate or REFUSE to negotiate!"

3) Describe the Question Fully - if you spend time in the body of your post to document your question fully, you WILL get a response for sure. Realize that many of us that read the forums may not have the opportunity to look up the question you are talking about since we cannot access the source materials at that time. If you document your question fully, we can answer you without looking at a single source document!

4) Keep it one question at a time - posting in a great way, but about 15 questions you have stored up about IPv6 might not get a great response. Posting these properly one at a time as you have them will work great.

5) Have no fear! - Our forums are moderated, never fear flames or any inappropriate responses. If one slips through - let us know.

Here is a quick example of how I would NOT post a question versus how I WOULD post one:

Forum: CCIE Lab Exam Locations
Title: Trunks
Do I need the nonegotiate command?

Forum: CCIE Routing & Switching Technical
Title: What is the deal with the nonegotiate command?
When is the nonegotiate command needed in actual practice, or the CCIE lab exam? For example, if the CCIE lab exam asks me to form a trunk between two switches, should I use this command?

We can all learn from the questions of others - please note that you can subsribe to the forums and have the questions delivered right to your e-mail mailbox. This can be an incredibly powerful way to learn about the vast world of Cisco networking.

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