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    24 January 09

    OSPF Section of IEWB-RS Vol 1 Ver 5 Completed!

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    The OSPF section of Internetwork Expert's CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5.0 is completed and available on the members site.  The final release contains around 50 lab scenarios in approximately 250 pages, and covers all relevant aspects of OSPFv2 routing, with extra detail focused on understanding how OSPF path selection occurs, and reading the OSPF database.  The final release consists of the following sections:

    • OSPF over Broadcast Media
    • OSPF over Non-Broadcast Media
    • OSPF DR/BDR Election Manipulation
    • OSPF Network Point-to-Point
    • OSPF Network Point-to-Multipoint
    • OSPF Network Point-to-Multipoint Non-Broadcast
    • OSPF Network Loopback
    • OSPF Path Selection with Auto-Cost
    • OSPF Path Selection with Cost
    • OSPF Path Selection with Bandwidth
    • OSPF Path Selection with Per-Neighbor Cost
    • Repairing Discontiguous OSPF Areas with Virtual-Links
    • OSPF Path Selection with Non-Backbone Transit Areas
    • OSPF Path Selection with Virtual-Links
    • OSPF Demand Circuit
    • OSPF Flooding Reduction
    • OSPF Clear Text Authentication
    • OSPF MD5 Authentication
    • OSPF Null Authentication
    • OSPF MD5 Authentication with Multiple Keys
    • OSPF Internal Summarization
    • OSPF Path Selection with Summarization
    • OSPF External Summarization
    • OSPF Stub Areas
    • OSPF Totally Stubby Areas
    • OSPF Not-So-Stubby Areas
    • OSPF Not-So-Stubby Areas and Default Routing
    • OSPF Not-So-Totally-Stubby Areas
    • OSPF Stub Areas with Multiple Exit Points
    • OSPF NSSA Type-7 to Type-5 Translator Election
    • OSPF NSSA Redistribution Filtering
    • OSPF LSA Type-3 Filtering
    • OSPF Forwarding Address Suppression
    • OSPF Default Routing
    • OSPF Conditional Default Routing
    • OSPF Reliable Conditional Default Routing
    • OSPF Filtering with Distribute-Lists
    • OSPF Summarization and Discard Routes
    • OSPF Filtering with Administrative Distance
    • OSPF Filtering with Route-Maps
    • OSPF NSSA ABR External Prefix Filtering
    • OSPF Database Filtering
    • OSPF Stub Router Advertisement
    • OSPF Interface Timers
    • OSPF Global Timers
    • OSPF Resource Limiting
    • Miscellaneous OSPF Features

    Stay tuned as more sections for the volume 1 workbook will start posting next week.

    Happy labbing!

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