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    19 January 09

    IEWB-RS Vol1 V5 QoS Section Completed!

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    The QoS section for our new CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5 is now completed and posted on the members site!  In its completed format this document consists of over 80 sections and totals nearly 500 pages. This is by far the most complete single resource I have ever seen for QoS on Cisco IOS. Special thanks to Petr Lapukhov for his intense research and unparalleled expertise in the development of this topic area. The following sections are now available in QoS:

    • Hold-Queue and Tx-Ring
    • Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
    • Legacy RTP Reserved Queue
    • Legacy RTP Prioritization
    • Legacy Custom Queueing
    • Legacy Custom Queueing with Prioritization
    • Legacy Priority Queueing
    • Legacy Random Early Detection
    • Legacy Flow-Based Random Early Detection
    • Selective Packet Discard
    • Payload Compression on Serial Links
    • Generic TCP/UDP Header Compression
    • MLP Link Fragmentation and Interleaving
    • Legacy Generic Traffic Shaping
    • Legacy CAR for Admission Control
    • Oversubscription with Legacy CAR and WFQ
    • Legacy CAR for Rate Limiting
    • Legacy CAR Access-Lists
    • Legacy GTS for Frame Relay
    • Legacy Frame Relay Traffic Shaping
    • Legacy Adaptive FRTS
    • Legacy FRTS with Per-VC WFQ
    • Legacy FRTS with Per-VC PQ
    • Legacy FRTS with Per-VC CQ
    • Legacy FRTS with Per-VC Fragmentation
    • Legacy FRTS with Per-VC IP RTP Priority
    • Frame-Relay RTP/TCP Header Compression
    • Frame-Relay Broadcast Queue
    • Frame-Relay DE Marking
    • Legacy FRTS PVC Interface Priority Queue
    • Frame-Relay Priority to DLCI Mapping
    • Frame-Relay Traffic Policing & Congestion Mgmt
    • MQC Classification and Marking
    • MQC Bandwidth Reservations and CBWFQ
    • MQC Bandwidth Percent
    • MQC LLQ and Remaining Bandwidth Reservations
    • MQC WRED
    • MQC Dynamic Flows and WRED
    • MQC WRED with ECN
    • MQC Class-Based Generic Traffic Shaping
    • MQC Class-Based GTS and CBWFQ
    • MQC Single-Rate Three-Color Policer
    • MQC Hierarchical Policers
    • MQC Two-Rate Three-Color Policer
    • MQC Peak Shaping
    • MQC Percent-Based Policing
    • MQC Header Compression
    • Using Class-Based GTS for FRTS
    • MQC Based Frame-Relay DE-Marking
    • Using MQC CBWFQ with Legacy FRTS
    • MQC Compatible FRF.12 Fragmentation
    • MQC Based Frame-Relay Traffic Shaping
    • Voice Adaptive Traffic Shaping
    • Voice Adaptive Fragmentation
    • MLPPP LFI over Frame Relay
    • QoS Pre-Classify
    • RSVP and WFQ
    • RSVP and SBM
    • RSVP and CBWFQ
    • RSVP and LLQ
    • RSVP and Per-VC WFQ
    • Catalyst QoS Port-Based Classification
    • Catalyst QoS Marking Pass-Through
    • Catalyst QoS ACL Based Classification & Marking
    • Catalyst 3550 Per-Port Per-VLAN Classification
    • Catalyst 3560 Per-VLAN Classification
    • Catalyst QoS Port-Based Policing and Marking
    • Catalyst 3560 Per-Port Per-VLAN Policing
    • Catalyst 3550 Per-Port Per-VLAN Policing
    • Catalyst QoS Aggregate Policers
    • Catalyst 3560 Ingress Queueing
    • Catalyst 3560 Ingress Queue Tuning
    • Catalyst 3550 Egress Queueing
    • Catalyst 3550 Regular Queues Tuning
    • Catalyst 3550 Gigabit Interface Queues Tuning
    • Catalyst 3550 Egress Policing
    • Catalyst 3560 SRR Shared Mode
    • Catalyst 3560 SRR Shaped Mode
    • Catalyst 3560 Egress Queues Tuning
    • Catalyst QoS DSCP Mutation
    • Advanced HTTP Classification with NBAR

    Additional updates will be posted this week to new and current sections of volume 1. We appreciate the patience of everyone as these labs go through a rigorous quality control process.  This series  is essentially the culmination of our careers in content development for the CCIE R&S Lab Exam, so as expected, is it a slow and rigorous process.  I guarantee that the series as a whole will be worth the wait when it is finally completed :)  For topics that are not currently available in Version 5, please refer to the completed Version 4.1 section that is available for all customers on the members site.

    Happy Labbing!

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