Notes on the IPS 6.X Devi ...
    12 January 09

    Notes on the IPS 6.X Device Manager

    Posted byINE

    I.    Device Manager

    a.    Intro

    i.    IDM lives on the sensor and gives you a GUI option for managing the device
    ii.    TLS/SSL

    1.    used to secure communications

    iii.    5.0 uses SDEE and RDEP
    iv.    System Reqs

    1.    Windows 2000, Windows XP, Solaris, Linux
    2.    IE 6, Netscape, Mozilla

    v.    Network Settings

    1.    Configuration > Sensor Setup

    b.    Certificates

    i.    Use to create a new self-signed certificate

    1.    Change the IP on the sensor and you need a new server cert

    ii.    Trusted Hosts

    1.    Configuration > Sensor Setup > Certificates > Trusted Hosts

    c.    Configuring SSH

    i.    Client key allows connectivity without password authentication
    ii.    Server key proves identity to client
    iii.    Configuration > Sensor Setup > SSH > Authorized Keys

    d.    Rebooting/Shutting Down

    i.    Configuration > Reboot
    ii.    Configuration > Shut Down

    e.    Viewing Events

    i.    View and Filter
    ii.    Configure with Monitoring > Events

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