Notes on the IPS 6.X Comm ...
    11 January 09

    Notes on the IPS 6.X Command Line Interface

    Posted byINE

    I. IPS CLI

    a. Overview

    i. Accessing

    1. SSH

    2. Serial interface (console)

    3. Telnet (disabled by default)

    ii. Includes

    1. Help, Tab complete, abbrev, recall, interactive

    iii. Performs

    1. Sensor initialization

    2. Configuration

    3. Administration

    4. Troubleshooting

    iv. Modes

    1. Privileged, global

    2. service - Used to edit the config of a service; service ?

    3. multi-instance service - used for the signature definition service and the event action rules service; service signature-definition sig0

    b. Installation

    i. Upgrade command - this is a global configuration command

    1. if you are running 4.1 and want to go to 5.0 - retains config

    2. To use upgrade, the IPS device must have network access and be able to get to one of the following: FTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS

    3. upgrade source-url

    c. Initialization

    i. Management - console port, Telnet, SSH, HTTPS

    ii. Initialization is done from CLI

    1. setup command

    d. Administrative Tasks

    i. ping

    ii. trace

    iii. banner login

    iv. ftp-timeout

    v. show version

    vi. more - view the config with more current-config

    vii. show settings - displays current config in current mode

    viii. show events

    ix. default service ? - resets a service to defaults

    x. copy current-config backup-config

    xi. copy /erase backup-config current-config

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