CCENT: Saving your Router ...
20 December 08

CCENT: Saving your Router or Switch Configurations to your PC

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Sure, everyone knows that it is copy running-config startup-config in order to save your hard-earned configuration to the Non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) inside the device. But what about saving a copy of the configuration on your local PC? Well, this is easy thanks to a couple of tips and tricks, and the wonder of Notepad!

Here is how you save the configuration locally using Windows HyperTerminal. But realize that whatever terminal program you use, there is going to be a similar option.

Step 1: Login to the device with the configuration you want to save and ensure you are in Privileged mode (the # prompt).

Step 2: Type the command terminal length 0. This command will eliminate the MORE key press feature and will eliminate the need to clean up your captured configuration later.

Step 3: Click the Transfer menu option and choose Capture Text. Choose a location and name for the text file you are about to create and click Start.

Step 4: Back at the router or switch prompt type show run and press Enter. You will see the configuration file display on screen and return you to the prompt. That configuration was also just written to your text file! Cool!

Step 5: Go back to the Transfer menu and choose Capture Text then Stop. Notice that you could also Pause the capture as you navigate to another device and capture another configuration in the file.

Step 6: You can now go into your file and trim out the initial text about the show run and Building Configuration. Replace that text with enable, then configure terminal, and now your configuration is ready to paste into the User mode of a device!

Have fun with your studies and enjoy building a library of configurations in various stages!

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