CCIE 2.0 QoS Updates - 11 ...
    17 November 08

    CCIE 2.0 QoS Updates - 11/17/2008

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    More sections have been posted to the IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5 section for QoS.  The following topics are now available.

    10.1    Hold-Queue and Tx-Ring
    10.2    Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
    10.3    Legacy RTP Reserved Queue
    10.4    Legacy RTP Prioritization
    10.5    Legacy Custom Queueing
    10.6    Legacy Custom Queueing with Prioritization
    10.7    Legacy Priority Queueing
    10.8    Legacy Random Early Detection
    10.9    Legacy Flow-Based Random Early Detection
    10.10     Selective Packet Discard
    10.11     Payload Compression on Serial Links
    10.12     Generic TCP/UDP Header Compression
    10.13     MLP Link Fragmentation and Interleaving
    10.14     Legacy Generic Traffic Shaping
    10.15     Legacy CAR for Admission Control
    10.16     Oversubscription with Legacy CAR and WFQ
    10.17     Legacy CAR for Rate Limiting
    10.18     Legacy CAR Access-Lists
    10.19     Legacy GTS for Frame Relay
    10.20     Legacy Frame Relay Traffic Shaping
    10.21     Legacy Adaptive FRTS
    10.22     Legacy FRTS with Per-VC WFQ
    10.23     Legacy FRTS with Per-VC PQ
    10.24     Legacy FRTS with Per-VC CQ
    10.25     Legacy FRTS with Per-VC Fragmentation
    10.26     Legacy FRTS with Per-VC IP RTP Priority
    10.27     Frame-Relay RTP/TCP Header Compression
    10.28     Frame-Relay Broadcast Queue
    10.29     Frame-Relay DE Marking
    10.30     Legacy FRTS PVC Interface Priority Queue
    10.31     Frame-Relay Priority to DLCI Mapping
    10.32     Frame-Relay Traffic Policing & Congestion Mgmt
    10.33     MQC Classification and Marking
    10.34     MQC Bandwidth Reservations and CBWFQ
    10.35     MQC Bandwidth Percent
    10.36     MQC LLQ and Remaining Bandwidth Reservations
    10.37     MQC WRED
    10.38     MQC Dynamic Flows and WRED
    10.39     MQC WRED with ECN

    More OSPF topics will be posted later tonight in anticipation of tomorrow's Open Lecture Series on Advanced OSPF Design.  Hope to see you there!

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