CCIE 2.0 - QoS Updates 11 ...
04 November 08

CCIE 2.0 - QoS Updates 11/03/2008

Posted byBrian McGahan

More updates to the IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5.0 QoS section have been posted. The following sections are now available in addition to those previously posted:

10.14 Legacy Generic Traffic Shaping
10.15 Legacy CAR for Admission Control
10.16 Oversubscription with Legacy CAR and WFQ
10.17 Legacy CAR for Rate Limiting
10.18 Legacy CAR Access-Lists
10.19 Legacy GTS for Frame Relay
10.20 Legacy Frame Relay Traffic Shaping

More to come tomorrow. In the meantime... Happy Labbing!

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