CCENT Exam Review – 640-8 ...
    01 November 08

    CCENT Exam Review – 640-822 ICND1

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    Exam Details

    Exam Number: 640-822
    Exam Name: ICND1
    Number of Questions: 40
    Total Time: 90 Minutes
    Passing Score: 804
    Exam Sections:
    Describe the operation of data networks
    Implement a small switched network
    Implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services for a small network
    Implement a small routed network
    Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN
    Identify security threats to a network and describe general methods to mitigation
    Implement and verify WAN links

    640-822 is one of the best Cisco (written) exams I have EVER seen. It does an excellent job of testing real world skills that an entry-level technician would need to succeed supporting small routed and switched networks.

    The emphasis of the exam is on basic configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco devices. While there are a smattering of definitional type theory questions, the major focus is "hands-on", scenario based questions.

    You should be ready to solve Simulations, scenario and exhibit-based multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, and standard multiple-choice queries. Be very careful about how much time you dedicate to any one question, since you might really burn the clock on a single given exercise. Time management is a key to success in this exam.

    This exam does a superb job at reflecting the published exam blueprint, and as such, you can expect our course materials for CCENT to explain fully all questions.

    You will feel very proud when you complete the CCENT certification with a passing score on this exam, as you will very clearly be ready to support the basic Cisco network!

    Enjoy your studies!

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