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    01 November 08

    CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) InternetworkExpert Course Outline

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    I. Module 1: The Operation of Data Networks

    A. Cisco Network Devices

    B. The OSI Model

    C. The TCP/IP Model

    D. Voice Over IP and Video Over IP

    E. Network Diagrams

    F. Network Paths

    G. Common Network Problems

    H. LAN versus WAN Features

    II. Module 2: Implementing a Small Switched Network

    A. Physical Media

    B. Ethernet

    C. Network Segmentation

    D. Basic Switching Concepts

    E. Initial Switch Configuration

    F. Switch Verifications

    G. Basic Switch Security

    H. Common Switch Issues

    III. Module 3: IP Addressing and IP Services for a Small Network

    A. The Role of Addressing

    B. Private versus Public Addressing

    C. DHCP

    D. Create and Apply an Addressing Scheme

    E. NAT

    F. DNS

    G. Common Addressing Issues

    IV. Module 4: Implementing a Small Routed Network

    A. Basic Routing Concepts

    B. Operation of Cisco Routers

    C. Initial Switch Configuration

    D. Physical Media

    E. RIPv2

    F. Router Management

    G. Router Security

    H. Router Verifications

    V. Module 5: WLAN

    A. Standards

    B. Wireless Components

    C. Wireless Configuration

    D. Wireless Security

    E. Common Wireless Issues

    VI. Module 6: Network Security

    A. Security Threats

    B. The Security Policy

    C. Attack Mitigation Techniques

    D. Common Security Appliances and Applications

    E. Best Practices

    VII. Module 7: WANs

    A. Connecting a WAN

    B. Configure a Serial Connection

    C. Verify a Serial Connection

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