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    20 October 08

    Even More IEWB-RS Volume 1 v5 Updates – System Management Posted!

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Even more updates have been posted to the IP Services section of the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5.0. Yes, that’s right, two in two days ;) The following topics are now available in System Management:

    12.1 Exec Aliases
    12.2 System Message Logging
    12.3 Syslog Logging
    12.4 Logging Counting and Timestamps
    12.5 Logging to Flash Memory
    12.6 Configuration Change Notification and Logging
    12.7 Configuration Archive & Rollback
    12.8 Logging with Access-Lists
    12.9 TCP Keepalives
    12.10 Generating Exception Core Dumps
    12.11 Conditional Debugging
    12.12 Telnet Service Options
    12.13 Tuning Packet Buffers
    12.14 Terminal Line Settings
    12.15 SNMPv2c Server
    12.16 SNMPv2c Access Control
    12.17 SNMP Traps and Informs
    12.18 CPU and Memory Thresholds
    12.19 SNMPv3
    12.20 SNMP MAC Address Notifications
    12.21 SNMP Notifications of Syslog Messages
    12.22 CDP
    12.23 RMON Alarms
    12.24 RMON Statistics Collection
    12.25 HTTP Server and Client
    12.26 FTP Server and Client
    12.27 TFTP Server and Client
    12.28 Remote Shell
    12.29 NTP
    12.30 NTP Authentication
    12.31 NTP Access Control
    12.32 Auto-Install over LAN Interfaces using DHCP
    12.33 Auto-Install over Frame-Relay
    12.34 Auto-Install over LAN Interfaces using RARP
    12.35 IOS Menus
    12.36 IOS Banners
    12.37 KRON Command Schedule

    Some minor changes were made today to the IP Services labs that were posted yesterday. So if you have the version from yesterday you should re-download the current version again.

    The following topics are now 100% available:

    1. Bridging & Switching
    2. Frame Relay
    3. IP Routing
    4. RIP
    5. EIGRP
    12. System Management
    13. IP Services

    QoS will start getting posted this week as well incrementally. As always product access is available through the site, and technical discussion should be held on

    Please keep your feedback coming in and let me know if there are any bugs with the material. Also if anyone has problems with the initial config files let me know, there were some corrupt files apparently when they were changed from DOS to UNIX formatting.

    Happy Labbing!

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