Common Reasons for Lab Ex ...
    01 October 08

    Common Reasons for Lab Exam Failure

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    Reason 1: “I was on no/little sleep!”

    • Nerves
    • Caffeine
    • Abnormal routine
    • Cramming
    • Abnormal environment

    Reason 2: “I ran out of time!”

    • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • Speed drills
    • Overall strategy approach
    • Specific strategies
    • Adherence to time management practices

    Reason 3: “The proctor was not helpful at all!”

    • Be Nice!
    • Demonstrate knowledge
    • Be specific
    • Communicate you are not looking for an answer – request clarification
    • Try another – try again

    Reason 4: “I got tons of topic XYZ!”


    Reason 5: “Too stressed out at that point in my life!”

    • Stress mitigation techniques
    • Rescheduling the lab

    Reason 6: “I was physically sick for the lab!”

    • Stress mitigation techniques

    Reason 7: “I had absolutely no chance to pass that lab!”

    • Formalized CCIE training!

    Reason 8: “I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I FAILED!!!!”

    • Task misinterpretation
    • Poor verification techniques

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