The Top Ten Things To Do ...
    26 September 08

    The Top Ten Things To Do After Passing the Lab

    Posted byINE

    Number 10 - Five words - "Shot of tequila, beer back."

    Number 9 - Change your Native American Indian name to Thinks Like Router.

    Number 8 - Start studying for your recertification - NOT!

    Number 7 - Use the Request Reread link on your Certification Status
    page and enter the following in the Comments section "Reread THIS you
    evil bastards!"

    Number 6 - Tell any CCIE candidate you do not care for that there were 18
    points of DLSw+ on your final lab attempt.

    Number 5 - Pay off your credit card.

    Number 4 - Phone family and friends to tell them that you are actually
    still alive.

    Number 3 - Request that your coworkers address you as First_Name,
    Last_Name, Expert.

    Number 2 - Get an InternetworkExpert tattoo, interesting body locations include...errrr...never mind!

    And the Number One Thing To Do After Passing the Lab:


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