Routing and Switching CCI ...
    23 June 08

    Routing and Switching CCIE Lab Changes

    Posted byINE

    Well it looks like there isn't going to be any "real" changes to the R&S CCIE lab coming anytime soon. The only changes discussed here at Networkers will be the possibility of having Frame Relay pre-configured. Although Frame Relay could be pre-configured for basic connectivity it does not mean you couldn't still be asked to configure various Frame Relay features: FR traffic shaping, FR end-to-end keepalives, etc.

    The good news about the hardware is that it's not going to change. You can still expect to see six routers, four switches and three backbone routers. The routers will remain 3825s and 3725s. The switches will also stay the same (3560s and 3550s). This means that Dynamips will continue to be a solution for the foreseeable future.

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