Calling All CCIE R&S Beta ...
    28 May 08

    Calling All CCIE R&S Beta Testers - Take 2

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Due to the enormous response to my posting Monday we've setup an automated method to request access to the new beta material.  To access the new material login to your account and click on the upgrade link to the right of the "R&S Lab Workbook Volume I v4.1" link.  You'll be sent an email with instructions on how to use our new locklizard pdf reader, and you'll see a new course subscription in the members site for the new content access.  The documents can be printed twice each, but viewed an unlimited amount of times.

    If you are going to use our rack rentals for configuring the labs there are some major feature enhancements that we've been working on.  You can now load initial configs, save your configs, and reload your saved configs on demand to any rack session that you have.  Next to your active rack session you'll see a link that says "Beta CP" for the new control panel.

    Please let me know what you think of the new content format and any ways that we can improve it.


    Brian McGahan

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