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    22 February 08

    When to Schedule a CCIE Bootcamp

    Posted byINE

    A common question I get from students is, "when is the best time to take a CCIE bootcamp?" Ideally a bootcamp is taken either  5 to 6 weeks prior to your lab date or the week prior to your lab date.  By taking a bootcamp 5 to 6 weeks prior to your lab date you will have time to reschedule your date if after the bootcamp  you aren't ready for the real lab.

    For the students who take a bootcamp the week prior to their lab date I always recommend to take a couple mock labs 5 to 6 weeks out to see if they are close to being ready for the real lab.  If they are scoring well on the mock labs then I recommend keeping their lab date that is scheduled for the week after the bootcamp.  If they are not scoring well I recommend rescheduling their lab date to at least 4 weeks after the end of the bootcamp.  This means that if after taking the bootcamp they still aren't ready for the real lab they can reschedule their lab date.  Also I would recommend trying to take time off to study for the last few days leading up to your lab date.   In our last 12 day bootcamp we had a few students pass the lab the following week.  All of them took the days off from work leading up to their lab date.

    On a personal note I'm a big advocate of rescheduling a lab date as opposed to just taking the lab if you feel you aren't ready for it.   Its really easy to see if you are ready for the real lab by just taking a mock lab or two.

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