How is the CCIE Lab Grade ...
    18 February 08

    How is the CCIE Lab Graded?

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Brian,First off, thanks for this great website and the great effort. One question about the CCIR R&S. Is grading effected by executing show or debug commands? Many cases I configure elements and I'm pretty sure that it will work, and omit the verification stage. In other words, does the proctor/script look at monitoring commands I executed, and if not, he marks me down because of simply not monitoring even though the configuration is fully functional?Kind regards,M. Khonji

    The proctors don't monitor your progress during the day for grading purposes. I.e if you configure OSPF and don't issue the "show ip ospf neighbor" output it's not going to make a difference as long as your configuration is functional. Now on the other hand grading itself can be based on either the configuration or the result. By this I mean that simple feature configurations, such as IP Accounting or SNMP or RMON would most likely be graded by looking at your running configuration, as there is usually only one way to accomplish a particular goal with features such as that. However more complex configurations like BGP or redistribution may be graded not based on your configurations but based on their results. I.e if you are asked to modify the BGP bestpath selection process, the easiest way to check this is to view the "show ip bgp" output and then to send traffic through the network with traceroute and see where it actually goes. Based o n this fact I would highly recommend to try to verify as much of the results of your configurations as possible in the real lab before leaving at the end of the day.Good luck in your preparation!

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