What's the difference bet ...
    28 December 07

    What's the difference between a dialer profile and a rotary group?

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Hi Brian,

    I am using dialer profiles for ISDN and I want protocol broadcasts such as RIP to be sent out accross the ISDN link. I tried to find the command that allows me to configure broadcast but the dialer interfaces do not accept the dialer map command. How do I accomplish this?

    When using dialer profiles, dialer interfaces are point-to-point, therefore there is no need for protocol mappings. IP broadcasts should not have any trouble being sent across the interface as long as you have an IP address configured on the interface. Dialer maps are only used on dialer interfaces when using rotary groups. Dialer profiles are for when you have a single physical interface, but multiple destinations to dial. Rotary groups are for when you have multiple physical interfaces, but one destination to dial.

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