CCNP Routing and Troubleshoot Bootcamp

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In this CCNP ROUTE/TSHOOT Bootcamp, you will be exposed to ROUTE topics in both lecture and lab format.  This bootcamp is heavily lab-focused to reinforce topics taught during the lecture so it is highly recommended that you watch as many of INE's CCNP videos (that are related to ROUTE) as you can prior to attending the bootcamp. You should also have a solid CCNA R&S background prior to attending the course. 

In addition to experiencing regular labs where you build, and experiment with, routing topics, you will also have many opportunities to experience TSHOOT-type labs, predesigned with errors that you need to solve and rectify.

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As of June 1st 2017 - INE offers course reseats for this five-day Bootcamp course at a fee of $500 (provided that the original Bootcamp was purchased at list price). This $500 fee applies to reseat purchases made within two years from the date of the original Bootcamp attended. Reseats after this two-year timeframe are available for purchase at discounted rate from the list price. Students may schedule a reseat during any upcoming Bootcamp dates excluding those marked “Sold Out.” Reseat terms apply.

  • ROUTE Bootcamp Outline
    • EIGRP Review (neighborships, metric, configuration, variance, etc)
    • EIGRP Named Mode
    • Limiting EIGRP Queries
    • Route/Prefix Summarization with:
      • EIGRP
      • OSPF
    • Route/Prefix Filtering with:
      • EIGRP
      • OSPF
    • Path manipulation using:
      • EIGRP
      • OSPF
    • Prefix-Lists
    • Route-Maps
    • OSPF Review (Adjacencies, timers, Router-ID, Authentication, Virtual-Links)
    • OSPF LSAs
    • OSPF Stub Areas
    • IGP Redistribution
    • BGP
  • Other topics if time permits.

Our Bootcamp students share their stories...

I wanted to personally send a big thank you for allowing Keith Bogart to be a part of the INE team and a big part of my CCNP preparation experience. I recently attended his CCNP Bootcamp, and I must admit that it has prepared me to take my CCNP in confidence. Of course, I still have a few things I need to brush up on, but I’m not shaking in my boots anymore. I wanted to take the time to commend Keith on his teaching style and patience. The class had a varying degree of skill sets, from those just trying to get a grasp of what they were looking at for the CCNP, to those who felt almost ready to take the test. Keith’s teaching style appealed to both parties in my opinion. I wish that the bootcamp was 10 days, however with that time frame I don’t know if I would have been able to get off of work to attend. For the price paid, and the knowledge received, I feel like I got the better end of the deal. I feel like I ripped you guys off! (No take backs!) So without much gushing and admiration for Keith, I’d like to personally thank you for finding and bringing him to the INE team. He presents items in a clear and concise manner and doesn’t get upset if he has to repeat himself on a difficult topic. Oh, and did I forget to mention the hand gestures? If there is a concept you don’t fully understand, you can bet that you will get it after he explains it with his analogies and hand gestures!
Christopher Christian / CCNP Bootcamp Attendee
I would like to just take a moment to say that I enjoyed this class. The instructor (Keith Bogart) was very knowable and took the time that was required to go over topics that people had questions about. For me the class was great because I had a good understanding of the protocols that would be discussed but had never had the chance to see them work. The class addressed this for me and allowed me to make mistakes and learn to fix them. If I had a question or got stuck on parts I could either ask for some assistance or wait until we went through the lab together. Either way I learned were my problems were and what I was lacking. To have a course run 7 days with routing and switching is a lot to bargain for. I believe that Keith would have taught anything that was put in front of him. He went into the most important parts of the route curriculum seeing he only had 4 days to teach it. Switch we covered very well. There were a couple topics we didn’t touch on but I believe they were less important and easier concepts then what we went through in class.
Daniel Oswalt / CCNP Bootcamp Attendee