CCIE Routing & Switching Mock Lab Workshop

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INE’s CCIE Routing & Switching Mock Lab Workshop is the final step in preparation before tackling the beast that is the CCIE Lab Exam.

The goal of this class is for candidates to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are through the usage of a simulated exam environment, similar to what is found in the actual CCIE Lab Exam.

Students will get real-time feedback from the instructor about their performance on mock lab exams in class, learn how to apply vital test taking strategies, how to properly interpret the wording of lab questions, how to effectively manage their time in the exam, how to efficiently use the Cisco documentation, and ultimately get an insight into how the grading process of the actual CCIE Lab Exam works.

During class, students will face two 8-hour mock lab exams. Like the actual exam, each mock lab consists of three sections – Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, and Configuration. Each Troubleshooting and Configuration section uses a uniquely large network topology (e.g. 30 devices). After the completion of the mock labs, candidates’ work is graded by the instructor, and they are presented with a score report detailing their performance. The following day the entire mock exam is reviewed step-by-step in class with the instructor. During review, candidates will expose their strengths and weaknesses through the discussion of strategy, question interpretation, correct solutions, alternate solutions, and other detailed exam techniques.

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INE offers course reseats for the Mock lab Workshop (MLW) at a fee of $500 (provided that the original Workshop was purchased at list price). This $500 fee applies to reseat purchases made within two years from the date of the original Workshop attended. Reseats after this two-year timeframe are available for purchase at discounted rate from the list price. Students may schedule a reseat during any upcoming Workshop dates excluding those marked “Sold Out.” Reseat terms apply.

  • The class format is as follows:
    • Day 1 – Mock Lab 1
    • Day 2 – Mock Lab 1 Review
    • Day 3 – Mock Lab 2
    • Day 4 – Mock Lab 2 Review
    • Troubleshooting & Diagnostic Review, Final Lab Strategy