AWS Security Essentials

Course Description

In this Security Essentials bundle, you will be introduced to AWS Security features including compliances and other important information that will place you at the first step towards the AWS Sys Op Administrator - Associate certification. This bundle includes over 5 hours of AWS instruction taught by Arthur Duarte.

This training bundle includes:

In this course you will learn about the compliance terminology and also how AWS can be applied to many certifications, law, regulations, frameworks, etc. Also, you will learn how to get reports and compliance certificates in minutes or enable people to do that for you.

Ever wanted to know how can you spend less money with AWS, or how to improve performance, or even check for fault tolerance on AWS? If so, this course is for you. You will learn how you can use the AWS Trusted Advisor to help you check your infrastructure and power it up following best practices developed by AWS. These best practices will save your organization thousands of dollars, improve security, boost performance and also give you a new level of fault tolerance.

Logs are a great resource for problem solving, in order to use logs on AWS you must understand AWS CloudTrail.n  In this course, you will learn how to log events on all your AWS accounts, or by region. You will also learn how you can get more from CloudTrail such as being alerted, integration with other tools, encryption and much more.

If you work with IT you know that to manage users, groups, permissions, etc. can be difficult. AWS IAM is a resource that you can use to improve the security of your cloud environment. This course will teach you everything you need to know to start dealing with all IAM configuration including policies creation, encryption with your personal keys (AWS KMS) and much more.

The amount of time that an admin takes in order to do a security assessment in a server may take up to hours, now imagine if this admin needs to do this in many servers. This course will introduce you to AWS Inspector, the security assessment tool created by Amazon that will make your life easy. In this course you will learn how to do security assessments, schedule using AWS Lambda, get alerts with CloudWatch and learn about the AWS Inspector Security Packages.


  • Getting to Know AWS Cloud Compliance and AWS Artifact
    • Overview
      • Course Introduction
    • AWS Cloud Compliance
      • What is the Meaning of Compliance?
      • How Much is AWS Compliance?
      • AWS Shared Responsibility Model
      • Requesting More Information
    • Assurance Programs
      • What are the Assurance Programs?
      • Certifications, Laws, Frameworks,etc
      • Services in the Scope
    • AWS Artifacts
      • What is the AWS Artifact?
      • Getting Compliance Reports
      • Sharing Compliance Reports Using IAM
      • Signing BAA Agreements with AWS
  • Infrastructure Optimization Hacks with AWS Trusted Advisor
    • Overview
      • Course Introduction
    • Getting to know the AWS Trusted Advisor
      • What is the AWS Trusted Advisor?
      • The Four Areas of Action
      • Best Practices (Checks) & Guidelines
      • What Are The Recommendations?
      • Basic vs Full Version
      • Getting Reports To The Right People
    • Securing AWS Trusted Advisor
      • Controlling Access Using AWS IAM
  • Logging Activities with AWS CloudTrail
    • Overview
      • Course Introduction
    • Basics concepts of AWS CloudTrail
      • What is the AWS CloudTrail?
      • Events, Trails & S3 Buckets
      • Regions & Services Being Supported
    • Working with AWS CloudTrail
      • Viewing the Logs Using Both Console & AWS CLI
      • Working with Trails
      • Searching & Export Logs
      • Setting Up Notifications with AWS SNS
    • Integrating with AWS CloudWatch
      • Setting Up the Integration
      • Creating Alerts
    • Logs Security with AWS KMS
      • Adding Extra Criptography Using AWS KMS
      • Validating Logs Integrity
  • Managing Cloud Environment Access with IAM
    • Overview
      • Course Introduction
    • Basic Concepts of AWS IAM
      • What is the AWS IAM?
      • Managing Users
      • Managing Groups
      • Managing Permissions
      • Managing Roles
    • Customization & Reports
      • Login & Customization
      • Getting Credentials Reports
    • Improving security on AWS IAM
      • Creating Keys with AWS KMS
      • Setup Account Password Policy
      • Enabling MFA on Accounts & Root
      • Best Practices Using AWS IAM
  • Automating Security Assessments with AWS Inspector
    • Overview
      • Course Introduction
    • Getting to know the AWS Inspector
      • What is the AWS Inspector?
      • Amazon Inspector Package Rules & Rules
      • Supported OS & Regions
    • Making AWS Inspector do your work
      • Installing the Agent on Linux
      • Installing the Agent on Windows
      • Roles & Instances Tagging
      • Defining the Target & Template
      • Running & Getting Reports
    • Automating AWS Inspector
      • Creating Alerts with AWS CloudWatch
      • Automate Assessments Run with AWS Lambda
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