Enterprise Training Plans

Providing your company with an easy and scalable solution for deploying high-quality technical content throughout your organization.


Technical training is a direct investment in your employees. A supported team is productive, engaged, and loyal, creating exemplary work and reducing expenses across the board. As your employees stay up to date with the latest technologies and applications, they can continue to work quickly and complete projects more efficiently. The companies that endure are those who work with change, not against it.


50% of an employee’s salary can be spent during the turnover process


70% of employees say that training opportunities affect their decision to stay with or join a company


Companies who invest in technical training see a 24% profit margin increase over those who don’t

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Multi-tiered User Management

Our Enterprise plan provides tiered management access, which allows leaders to track the progress of their team and executives to track the progress of their company. Department leaders can follow their team members' progress as they work through courses, while upper management can also track the engagement of each team. This level of transparency helps everyone to stay on the path toward their training goals.

Training for your entire organization

INE's Enterprise Plan provides every employee in your company the opportunity to access to the best IT training content on the market. Users can acquire new skills in a variety of valuable fields, from Networking and DevOps, to Security, Development, Data Science, and more. INE’s whole library is open for your team, with unlimited streaming available anytime, anywhere.

Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

Every organization has a dedicated Customer Success Specialist who provides direct support throughout the duration of your Enterprise Plan. They will assist with onboarding, provide a detailed overview of how to track your organization’s performance, check in regularly to discuss your goals, and do everything possible to ensure a successful partnership and experience with INE.

Hands on Training

Enterprise plans have the ability to purchase and distribute our digital currency for renting physical and virtual topologies. Your users will be able to tackle real world problems and challenges on the same equipment you're using in production, but in a worry-free training environment.

Live Webinars & Classes

Our expert-led webinars will keep you up to date on all of the current IT topics you need to know. From technical know-how to abstract concepts, we’ve got you covered. Your user dashboard will contain a calendar with these frequent events already included. You can easily register for the ones you want to attend.

Training on the Go!

Experience the all new mobile applications for Android and Apple iOS. Take your training with you, including progress tracking, video playback speed, and casting to your TV. If you have a AppleTV there's also an app for that!