Data Science continues to dominate the IT industry as more organizations demand big data be an integral part of their business strategies. With job opportunities aplenty and salaries rising, the time to jump into a Data Science career is now.

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Free Reading Data with Python and
Pandas Course

We’re kicking off Data Science Week by giving you free access to an introductory course in Data Science!

Every data science project begins with importing data. In this course, you’ll learn the basics and beyond, starting with how data is imported using Python and Pandas. From there, you’ll focus on reading external data into Pandas data structures, using different methods. You’ll also be able to deal with data that contains wrong delimiters, encoding, or quote charts. We’ll cover all the steps, options, and issues you need to be aware of to successfully handle the data you’re working with.

Tuesday, July 21st at 12:00PM EDT

Blog Post: The Data Science Revolution
in Baseball


Data analytics are intrinsically tied to Major League Baseball, but that wasn’t always the case. While Bill James, the original baseball stats guru, published his first sabermetrics book in the late-70s, it wasn’t until the mid-aughts that big data took hold in MLB clubhouses. Matt Kreisher breaks down the 2010 AL Cy Young Race to show how sabermetrics changed the way we look at America’s Pastime.

Wednesday, July 22nd at 11:00AM EDT

INE Live Webinar: Machine Learning for Business Applications


Join Data Science expert Santiago Basulto for a LIVE workshop, covering the most important concepts for applying Machine Learning to business applications. He'll use concrete examples demonstrating how businesses and individuals can use classification to predict and prevent customer churn.



Thursday, July 23rd at 2:00PM EDT

INE Live Webinar: Manipulating Sequence Files with Jupyter and Biopython


Join Data Science expert and Biotech consultant Adriana Patterson for a live introduction to Biopython as a tool for efficiently working with sequences and their related metadata. We'll do it all in jupyter notebooks, which is an excellent environment for keeping track of all your code, calculations, and visualizations.



Friday, July 24th at 12:00PM EDT

Blog Post: Python Visualization Libraries You Should Know in 2020 and How To
Use Them


As Python continues to be the fastest growing and most used programming language for data science, the number of available libraries for data visualization is also rising. It's extremely important to know all the data visualization libraries out there - including their strengths and weaknesses - before choosing one to create data science project graphs.
Join Data Science expert Matias Caputti for an in-depth blog post introducing the most used Python visualization libraries, alongside practical examples.

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