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Black Friday

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Use coupon code: BF40 at checkout.

Why Cyber Security?

There will be 3.5 Million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021.

—Forbes, Sept 2020

But there aren’t enough experts to fill the number of open jobs worldwide. That leaves organizations vulnerable and individuals with the opportunity to fill vital roles.

Announcing INE’s Cyber Security Pass

Defend against the modern threat landscape or prepare your IT team for your business’s unique security needs.

INE’s industry veterans have crafted learning paths and hands-on labs designed to help make you an expert. Blend instructor-led courses with real-world scenario training that will prepare you or your organization for the security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Access to all Cyber Security courses and learning paths

The INE Cyber Security Pass features learning paths designed to prepare students for eLearnSecurity certifications in the latest red, blue and purple team tactics. These learning paths will be updated when new courses and certifications are added.

View all courses.


Intuitive User Experience

We’ve created easy-to-navigate course pages for all of INE’s training. Monitor your progress, watch videos, and see which modules require extra work such as lab time.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Cyber Security Labs, the industry’s leading virtual lab environment, is available through INE’s Cyber Security Pass. Develop real-world skills in a safe, online environment that allows you to practice your new skills and techniques. No need to look up lab information in a separate document, everything is on screen for you when you need it.

Get Certified Through eLearnSecurity

INE’s Cyber Security Pass prepares students for eLearnSecurity’s industry-recognized certifications. eLearnSecurity provides real-world, practical certifications that require candidates to complete and document expert-design scenarios as you would in the corporate world.

There is an INE learning path to prepare you for all 14 eLearnSecurity exams, and INE’s virtual labs will help prepare you for the certification scenarios.


Find out more about eLearnSecurity’s Certifications.

Cyber Security Pass Includes

14 Learning Paths

289 Videos

38 Courses

90+ Hours of Videos

231 Labs

Black Friday

40% Off


Use coupon code: BF40 at checkout.


Start your training journey with the INE Cyber Security Pass

Cyber Security Pass

Pass Includes
  • Complete Red Team and Blue Team Training
  • Pick the Path to Grow Your Career & Skill Set
  • Hundreds of Practical Lab Scenarios & Environments
  • Unlimited Lab Time Included
  • Development Pass
  • IT Essentials Pass

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