Fundamentals of Network A ...

Fundamentals of Network Automation Using Python

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This course covers fundamentals of Python3 required for Network automation. Here in this course, you will learn about Installing Python3, Netmiko, Atom and VIM on Ubuntu Machine, Using the Print Command, Numbers and Math with Python, Creating, Verifying, and Printing Variables, Format String Variables, Using the Built-in Method, Creating,, Verifying, and Printing Format Built-in Methods, Creating, Verifying, and Printing Lists, Creating, Verifying, and Printing Dictionaries, Creating, Verifying, and Printing Nested Objects, Installing Operating System Module and Working with Files and Directories, Reading and Working with Files, Writing Files using WITH Statement, Understanding Functions, Understanding Conditionals, Understanding For Loop, Connecting to Cisco Devices Using Netmiko, Executing Commands on a Cisco Router Using a File. Students who want to deepen their understanding of Network Automation using Python3 will benefit from this course.

10 hours
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Instructor for this course

Rohit Pardasani

CCIEx5 #21282 CCNA/CCNP R&S CCNA/CCNP Security CCSA CCSI #34...


This course is composed by the following modules

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