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    CCNA Service Provider Technology Course: 640-878 SPNGN2

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    This course is designed to help you understand the architecture of how to deal with internal LAN switching for both ISP customers and the ISP itself. We’ll build the Layer 2 environment from the ground up. Then once Layer 2 is in place and converged, we can then focus on getting the routing in place, we’ll focus on OSPF for the enterprise and ISIS for the ISP core. We’ll dive into Link State routing protocol fundamentals before we get into the protocols themselves. Since OSPF is more commonly found in the Enterprise, we’ll focus on getting Single Area OSPF working step by step. This will include configuration, authentication and optimizing OSPF. Then we hit ISIS, since it’s predominately found in the ISP core for its scalability, we’ll get that working step by step. This will be where we focus on ISIS on IOS XE and IOS XR. After ISIS is completely converged we will extend the OSPF routing to enable Route Redistribution between OSPF and ISIS. MPLS is the primary forwarding technology in most Service Providers, so we will take a deep look at MPLS and how it works. We’ll configure and thoroughly verify its operations. Then we’ll be onto BGP between the Enterprise and the Service Provider. We’ll then take a look at NAT and Route filtering techniques with Access Lists. IPv6 is a big topic in the ISP world, so we’ll discuss transitioning techniques for that. Then we’ll wrap up with an IOS XE and IOS XR software architecture, maintenance and configuration management.

    16 hours
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    Rob Riker

    CCIE #50693 CCNA/CCNP Service Provider CCNA Security CCNP R&...


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