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    eLearnSecurity Network Defense Professional (eNDP)

    Are you an aspiring network and system defender? If so, this is the certification for you! After completing our scenario-based exam that puts theory and your skills to the test, you can showcase your advanced knowledge of network protection to colleagues and peers as you take the next steps in your career with the eLearnSecurity Network Defense Professional (eNDP) certification.

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    Secure networks and harden endpoints through a multi-part exam and certification

    The eLearnSecurity Network Defense Professional (eNDP) is a multi-part certification focused on allowing you to prove your network defense skills through real world scenarios delivered to you via hands-on labs. Once you've proven your skillset by successfully defending a network, you can show off your writing skills by completing a professional report to include documentation and recommendations.

    How does the eNDP do this?
    The eNDP breaks the mold of a traditional certification process by beginning with a multiple-choice, theoretical pre-exam. This is followed by a real-world simulation where you are challenged to think through cyber security analyst as you defend a network in a lab-based similuation followed by writing thorough, professional documentation and recommendations as you would in a corporate environment.

    eCPPTv2 for Teams
    Looking to ensure your team members can defend your systems and keep your infrastructure safe? The eNDP provides them with all the skills necessary to configure and secure your networks. This is a must have certification for any team members responsible for keeping your infrastructure and enterprise safe.

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    eNDP Learning Objectives

    If you're looking for an unconventional way to get certified in network defense, look no further. The Network Defense Professional certification tests your understanding of the theoretical aspects behind securing a network and hardening endpoints through a multiple choice pre-exam. Once you've mastered the essentials, you're presented with a practical exam built to remediate security issues and harden a network from attack. Your course material will cover endpoint security, Active Directory, Group Policy, patch management, and much more. In addition, you'll learn how to read vulnerability assessment recommendations, develop your own security recommendations, securely configure firewalls, and much more.

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    Access Control

    Learn more about the security measures used to determine who can view and access information on a network.


    Vulnerability Management

    Perfect your ability to identify, analyze, categorize, and resolve vulnerabilities discovered on a network.



    Familiarize yourself with the Virtual Private Network service designed to securely send and receive data across networks.


    Endpoint Hardening

    Shrink potential attack surfaces by turning off or blocking any features that aren't essential to a device's functionality.


    Windows Security

    Learn the techniques needed to protect a Windows-based system.


    Patch Management

    Learn the best ways to distribute and apply updates to software to correct current or potential errors.


    Secure Network Design

    Hone in on the skills needed to effectively deploy and manage an in-depth security posture.


    Advanced Reporting Skills and Remediation

    Perfect your ability to write technical reports with remediation plans.

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    Looking to pass the eNDP but don't know where to start? By signing up for INE Training, you can get all the tools and training necessary to pass the eNDP and jump into 10K+ additional videos, labs, and quizzes across Cloud, Networking, Cyber Security and Data Science. An INE Training Pass is the perfect companion for you or your company as you study.

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    Network Defense Professional

    Are you an aspiring network and system defender? The Network Defense Professional Learning Path starts with the very security basics and then proceeds to both network and endpoint security. The network security part will teach you secure network design concepts, the configuration of network appliances such as switches, and also provide a look into the secure configuration of firewalls, web filtering, and advanced malware protection. The endpoint security section focuses mainly on Windows security, as most corporate networks have a majority of Windows systems. During the learning process, you will also learn Active Directory, Group Policy, patch management, endpoint hardening, and the vulnerability management cycle. The Network Defence Professional Learning Path also prepares you for the eNDP exam and certification.

    Learning Path Difficultyprofessional
    14.4 hrs

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    How does the eNDP Stack Up?

    The eNDP provides you with real world scenarios and challenges you to defend a network and provide thorough, professional documentation and recommendations.


    eLearnSecurity Network Defense Professional





    The purpose of the exam and what you'll accomplish if you pass.
    Prove your network defense skills including the ability to write technical documentation and remediation plans.
    Core cybersecurity skills required by security and network administrators.
    Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
    Time Limit
    The amount of time you have to complete the certification exam.
    90 Minute Exam; 4 Days for Lab; 11 Days for Report; 14 Days Total.
    90 Minutes
    165 Minutes
    The number of questions required by the certification exam.
    Hands-On Lab with Required Technical Write-Up
    Hands-on Labs
    Does the certification require hands-on labs to prove that you understand the concepts?
    Real World Scenarios
    Questions include real world scenarios with in-platform labs.
    The type of expertise required to complete this exam.
    Requirements to take the exam
    Secure Network Design, Patch Management, Endpoint Hardening, Written Skills
    Entry-level cyber security
    Network+, Security+ or equivalent with 3-4 years or experience.
    The amount you must pay to attempt the certification exam.
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