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    eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer (eCRE)

    Are you interested in expanding your reverse engineering and cyber security knowledge through expert-led instruction and risk-free lab environments? The eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer (eCRE) certification was made to do just that and more. This skills-based assessment includes a real-world reverse engineering scenario and pre-examination hand-graded by an INE cyber security professional, allowing you to showcase your information security talents to current and future employers.

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    Identify, isolate, and analyze code

    The eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer (eCRE) is a theoretical and practical certification focused on proving your mastery of code and malware analysis through real world scenarios delivered to you via hands-on labs.

    ⁠How does eCRE do this?
    The eCRE will help you establish in-depth knowledge of ⁠advanced reverse engineering of third-party software and malware on the assembly language level through a comprehensive multiple choice pre-exam. This is followed by a 100% practical examination in which you're asked to perform a detailed reverse engineering exercise utilizing INE's cutting-edge virtual lab platform.

    eCRE for Teams
    Have you considered teaching your team the best techniques to use to identify potential software vulnerabilities and analyze malware? The eCRE gives your team the opportunity to learn how to fine-tune your organization's defenses through extensive engagements and expert-led training. This certification is critical for any team members responsible for securing your infrastructure.

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    eCRE Learning Objectives

    eLearnSecurity by INE certifications allow you to work through cyber security challenges in a professional setting rather than assessing your ability to memorize information. The eCRE takes this a step further by challenging you to navigate real-world scenarios which include analysis of complex algorithms and anti-obfuscation techniques. In addition, you'll learn different methods to locate the important algorithms, become familiar with how to bypass anti-reversing techniques, gain a thorough understanding of Ring3 Windows Internal Structures, and be asked to perform full manual unpacking on packed executables in addition to completing practice-based course with dozens of guided exercises.

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    IA-32 CPU Architecture Basics

    Become familiar with the instruction execution cycle and understand how computers read from memory.


    Stack Operation Basics

    Learn more about the Last In, First Out principle in addition to how to insert and delete elements.


    Windows API’s

    Take a deep-dive into the functions and data structures used in Windows operating systems.


    PE Format

    Get a closer look at the file format that is commonly used in Windows architecture to manage wrapped executable code.


    Reverse Engineering of Windows Based Applications

    Get hands-on as you learn the techniques used to conduct reverse engineering on various types of Windows applications.


    Analysis of Complex Algorithms

    Learn the tips and tricks needed to analyze complex algorithms.


    Anti-Obfuscation Techniques

    Take a closer look at the methods used to complicate or hide an application's code making it virtually impossible to read.


    Analysis of Obfuscated Code

    Perfect the skills needed to closely examine and legitimize code which has otherwise been made difficult to comprehend.

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    Looking to pass the eCRE but don't know where to start? By signing up for INE Training, you can get all the tools and training necessary to pass the eCRE and jump into 10K+ additional videos, labs, and quizzes across Cloud, Networking, Cyber Security and Data Science. An INE Training Pass is the perfect companion for you or your company as you study.

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    Reverse Engineering Professional

    Are you looking to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform advanced reverse engineering of third-party software and malware on the assembly language level? The Reverse Engineering Professional Learning Path will teach you several methods to identify, isolate, and finally, analyze portions of code which are of high interest, as well as the most common Windows APIs utilized for file, memory, and registry manipulation by either software protections (such as packers) or malware. During the learning process, you will also get insights into the most common anti-reversing tricks, including different code obfuscation methods, and how to bypass them. The Reverse Engineering Professional Learning Path also prepares you for the eCRE exam and certification.

    Learning Path Difficultyprofessional
    11.9 hrs

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    How does the eCRE Stack Up?

    The eCRE combines theory and practicality for a comprehensive assessment of your reverse engineering skills.


    eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer





    The purpose of the exam and what you'll accomplish if you pass.
    Prove your reverse engineering skills by completing a comprehensive pre-exam and scenario-based practical exam designed to replicate real-world situations.
    Core cybersecurity skills required by security and network administrators.
    Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
    Time Limit
    The amount of time you have to complete the certification exam.
    90 Minutes
    165 Minutes
    The number of questions required by the certification exam.
    Hands-On Labs & Practical Examination
    Hands-on Labs
    Does the certification require hands-on labs to prove that you understand the concepts?
    Real World Scenarios
    Questions include real world scenarios with in-platform labs.
    The type of expertise required to complete this exam.
    Requirements to take the exam
    x86 Architecture, Algorithm Analysis, Windows Applications, Debugging Tools
    Entry-level cyber security
    Network+, Security+ or equivalent with 3-4 years or experience.
    The amount you must pay to attempt the certification exam.
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