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    eLearnSecurity Certified Malware Analysis Professional (eCMAP)

    Are you interested in learning more about malicious software and how you can better understand its mechanics and purpose? If so, this is the certification for you! After completing our scenario-based exam that puts theory and your skills to the test, you can demonstrate your technical writing abilities as part of your assessment, allowing you to showcase your advanced knowledge of malware analysis to colleagues and peers as you take the next steps in your career with the eLearnSecurity Certified Malware Analysis Professional (eCMAP) certification.

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    Familiarize yourself with malware analysis processes and methodologies

    The eLearnSecurity Certified Malware Analysis Professional (eCMAP) is a certification focused on allowing you to prove your cutting-edge analysis skills through real world scenarios delivered to you via hands-on labs. Through a completely hands-on and practical certification process, you'll be able to master the mechanics of dissecting malicious software prior to putting them to the test in a virtual sandbox-style lab environment.

    How does the eCMAP do this?
    eCMAP is a comprehensive malware analysis simulation based on a real-world scenario designed by INE’s expert instructors. As part of the certification process, you'll be asked to analyze a malwares sample and provide a detailed report that simulates a corporate record. After deploying multiple advanced methodologies to conduct a thorough analysis on a given malware, you'll provide proof of your findings in addition to identifying the vast majority of the malware’s functionality. This is followed by writing a working exploit that could be used to detect the malware sample on other systems or networks.

    eCMAP for Teams
    Does your team need to have advanced knowledge of networks and systems to keep your organization safe from cyber attacks? The eCMAP helps teach teams of all sizes how to reverse engineer and debug malware using a variety of tools and resources to better protect your business. This certification is critical for any teams or team members responsible for keeping your critical infrastructure secure.

    Showcase your static and dynamic malware analysis abilities


    Prove your cyber security knowledge with our industry leading eCMAP.

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    eCMAP Learning Objectives

    eLearnSecurity by INE certifications allow students to gain real-world, hands-on experience as they complete their studies instead of requiring them to complete hundreds of multiple-choice questions. The eCMAP challenges you to solve situation-based labs inside a fully featured and real-world environment while educating you on malware analysis processes and methodologies. In addition, you'll learn about IA-32 CPU Architecture, static analysis, dynamic analysis, reverse engineering, IOC creation & behavioral analysis, unpacking, detecting persistence mechanisms, and much more.

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    Persistence Mechanisms

    To be able to defend against malware, you need to understand the ways attackers abuse common operating system processes to gain access to a victim device.


    Reverse Engineering

    Prove you know how to analyze hardware or software without having access to the source code or design documents.


    Malware Debugging

    Showcase your ability to closely inspect and code to gain better control and understanding of malware.


    Malware Obfuscation

    Perfect the skills needed to closely examine and legitimize code which has otherwise been made difficult to comprehend.


    Identify C2 Channels

    Hone in on your ability to identify the channels attackers use to execute commands on a victim's device or system.


    Bypass Anti-Analysis Techniques

    Learn the tips and tricks used to uncover malware even when anti-analysis techniques have been put in place.

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    Looking to pass the eCMAP but don't know where to start? By signing up for INE Training, you can get all the tools and training necessary to pass the eCMAP and jump into 10K+ additional videos, labs, and quizzes across Cloud, Networking, Cyber Security and Data Science. An INE Training Pass is the perfect companion for you or your company as you study.

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    Malware Analysis Professional

    <br>Are you interested in dissecting malicious software in order to understand its mechanics and purpose? The Malware Analysis Professional Learning Path provides a holistic approach to reverse engineering and analyzing all aspects of malware. During the learning process, you will come across realistic and even real-world malware such as ransomware, botnets, and rats, against which you will perform reverse engineering, static analysis, and dynamic analysis activities. The Malware Analysis Professional Learning Path also prepares you for the eCMAP exam and certification.</br> <br>Learning path at a glance: <br>-Learn about IA-32 CPU Architecture <br>-Entire module dedicated to x64 bit assembly <br>-Practical display and dive into the TLS method <br>-Understand how malware uses Windows APIs to achieve their malicious activity <br>-Understand and bypass Anti-Reversing techniques <br>-Perform full manual unpacking on packed executables <br>-Debug samples using different debuggers <br>-Learn different methods to locate the important algorithms

    Learning Path Difficultyprofessional
    13.2 hrs

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    How does the eCMAP Stack Up?

    The eCMAP provides you with real world scenarios and challenges you to perform a full analysis on a given malware sample, provide professional documentation and recommendations.


    eLearnSecurity Certified Malware Analysis Professional

    The purpose of the exam and what you'll accomplish if you pass.
    Perform a full analysis on a given malware sample, show proof of what the malware does, and write a final report.
    Time Limit
    The amount of time you have to complete the certification exam.
    5 Days for Lab; 8 Days for Report; 8 Days Total
    The number of questions required by the certification exam.
    Hands-On Lab with Technical Write-Up
    Hands-on Labs
    Does the certification require hands-on labs to prove that you understand the concepts?
    Real World Scenarios
    Questions include real world scenarios with in-platform labs.
    The type of expertise required to complete this exam.
    Requirements to take the exam
    Malware Analysis Engagement, Windows OS, Debugging and Process Analysis
    The amount you must pay to attempt the certification exam.
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