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    Cloud Security: AWS Edition (Save $100 Through March 31!)

    Apr 22 - 20

    Most AWS deployments are breached by a common set of vulnerabilities which attackers repeatedly use. In 5 weeks, this bootcamp teaches you to identify, exploit and secure vulnerabilities in the 5 most commonly used AWS components, so you can be a job-ready Cloud Security practitioner


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    With offerings from both INE and Pentester Academy, take advantage of the opportunity to dig deeper into existing INE topics or to work within custom lab environments to learn complex enterprise techniques.

    Build Your Cloud Credentials

    Become a Pentester Academy Cloud Security Professional. The PACSP is proof that you’ve mastered the basics of the five most commonly used components in an AWS cloud deployment. The exam prepares you for real-world scenarios in pentesting production cloud deployments in AWS – a useful addition to the arsenal of any professional pentester. This certification of completion is granted after attending all five live sessions. Module 1: Identity and Access Management (IAM) Module 2: API Gateway Attack-Defense Module 3: Serverless Functions: Lambda Module 4: DynamoDB and other Cloud Databases Module 5: Cloud Storage: S3 Misconfigurations


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    This five week bootcamp is split into five modules, designed to prepare you for everything you'll encounter in WiFi penetration testing. Checkout the daily schedule to understand what you'll learn over its 15 hours of live training.

    Bootcamp overview

    The syllabus of this bootcamp focuses on the teaching you the fundamentals and exploits for the 5 most commonly used components in AWS deployments:

    1. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    2. API Gateway
    3. Lambda
    4. Cloud Databases
    5. Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

    To further consolidate your skills, you will be prepared to take our exam and earn the Pentester Academy Cloud Security Professional (PACSP) certification.


    Dictated by

    Jeswin Mathai

    Senior Security Researcher

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