Azure Network Services

    Azure Network Services

    Sep 07 - 09

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    In this bootcamp we will cover how to create, manage, protect and connect Azure virtual networks.


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    Learning Objectives



    Bootcamp overview

    In this bootcamp we will cover how to create, manage, protect. and connect Azure virtual networks. You will learn the components of virtual networks, as well as the services that are available for networking in Azure. You will learn how to provision virtual networks through the portal, the CLI, and templates. You will learn the options for controlling traffic in Azure virtual networks including network security groups, Azure Firewall, and firewall appliances, as well as routing and DNS options. You will also learn how to connect Azure virtual networks to other networks by using network peering as well as virtual network gateways. Finally you will learn the built-in options for monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting virtual networks.

    Learning Objectives

    At the end of this Bootcamp, students will be able to:

    • Provision Azure virtual networks
    • Control virtual network traffic
    • Manage DNS for virtual networks and public access
    • Connect virtual networks to other virtual networks and external networks
    • Monitor virtual network traffic

    Recommended Knowledge or Skills Prior to Taking this Course

    • Basic understanding of cloud concepts
    • Basic understanding of networking concepts including IP addressing, DHCP, and DNS
    • Familiarity with templated deployments

    Dictated by

    Tim Warner

    Microsoft MVP, Cloud and Datacenter

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